Features of Microsoft SmartGlass

Microsoft SmartGlass is the perfect buddy/companion utility for your Xbox One and Xbox 360 which is compatible on latest editions of Windows devices that can be used both in your living room and on the go. You can stay connected with the games and add a new dimension to your entertainment applications which are already installed in your smartphone device.

Microsoft Xbox SmartGlass application consists of five major menu options on the tile-based dashboard. SmartGlass has in built search function known as ‘Bing’ and it also has Quickplay options that assist you to access Xbox Music, Xbox Video, and games you have played. You can get the free Microsoft Xbox SmartGlass utility or app in the related Windows, Android app stores, Windows Phone, and Apple iOS.

Features of Microsoft Xbox SmartGlass:

  • With the assistance of Microsoft Xbox SmartGlass you can easily control and interact with your favorite movies, videos, TV shows, music, games and many more in your mobile devices or smartphones.
  • This SmartGlass is designed with rich interactive events and the new content linked to what you are watching on your TV at particular instant of time.
  • Easily shift from viewing of purchased TV shows and other media videos between your Windows 8.1 based device and your Xbox 360 console application.
  • Anyone can spent time for choosing characters for a message by using an Xbox joypad and the onscreen keyboard you can simply type words so no need to purchase any old Chatpad Keyboard for sending messages.
  • The one of the main advantage of using Microsoft SmartGlass with Internet Explorer is that you can easily flick to scroll via web pages instead of moving the onscreen cursor with the help of joypad. And it is very easier to type in URLs and find queries.
  • Xbox SmartGlass can be enhanced with dual screen for playing games with multiple players. Microsoft SmartGlass helps to use a device that you already installed Xbox One or Xbox 360.
  • Microsoft SmartGlass app addition with Microsoft’s Xbox Music service is same as Xbox Video. You can use a smartphone gadgets as a controller, queuing up new music, pausing and skipping tracks, exploring linked albums, and reading artist bios. In order to get this advantage you need to have Xbox Music Pass and it will be available free trial version for 30 days.
  • Microsoft Xbox SmartGlass experiences are offered with select games and Xbox Live content. You can get Xbox Live Gold membership with additional fees and some requirements to apply for membership.