How to Enable and Use Windows Cortana?

Windows Cortana is a smart way of digital personal assistant used to search data via voice and it was created by Microsoft Corporation for Windows Phone 8.1, iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox One, and Windows 10 operating system. It was first demonstrated at the Microsoft BUILD Developer Conference in the year 2014 at San Francisco. It has been launched as a key element of Microsoft in order to remodeling of the upcoming operating systems for both Windows Phone and Windows desktop operating system. Windows Cortana is very much similar to Siri on Apple iOS gadgets.

How to configure and use Cortana on Windows?

Before getting start with Cortana, you are going to enable some privacy settings on Windows 8.1 which has five main categories including Location, General, Webcam, Microphone, and Other devices. So, you have to enable the Privacy settings in “Speech, Inking, & Typing”.

  • In the first stage, user need to turn on your “Location” by tapping/slide on the icon because Cortana requires to access your current location.
  • After Windows is able to identify you by location then you can start of using Windows Cortana and need to remember that you are sending your personal details to Microsoft, that are later saved in the cloud. Assume, if you are suspicious of sharing your personal info like speech patterns, calendar events, contacts, typing history, etc., then Windows Cortana may not be right app for you.
  • Next, you can regulate search bar by right click on the “Task bar” and choose “Cotana” from the list then check mark the “Show search box” option. When you open search box, Windows Cortana will open the screen and you will see the relevant information depending upon your interest & hobbies.
  • Next, if you select the “Notebook” icon on the left top of the screen then you can possible to configure Cortana, exactly the details it provides to you. Windows user can also change the name of Windows Cortana uses to talk you or how it want to pronounce your name and then you can modify your favorite places such as “home, work, and other stored favorite locations.”

How to clear or remove data from Cortana?

In order to clear or erase the items in Cortana’s Notebook on your Windows phone:

  1. Go to Cortana’s settings, and turn off Cortana icon, then restart your smartphone.
  2. After successful restart of your Windows mobile, you want to go back to Cortana’s settings.
  3. And finally tap “Delete” option to clear all phone data.