How to Fix RAR Checksum Error in an Encrypted File

Remo Repair RAR software can easily repair all your corrupt WinRAR documents.

WinRAR is a great compression tool that’s used to compress different kinds of large files to enable easy transfer over the internet or reduce space on your hard drive. It supports a lot of formats including ZIP, SFX, RAR, ACE, ISO and so on.

WinRAR enables you to protect your files with password protection. It also has an inbuilt repair function to fix a broken archive.

What is a Checksum error?

CRC or Cyclic Redundancy Check is an error detecting code to detect any accidental changes to raw data. In case of WinRAR files, the data that is added get a check value attached. On retrieval, the calculation is repeated and if the values do not match, the data is corrupted.

Reasons for Checksum error

  • When you try to install WinRAR software after an incomplete download.
  • Virus or malware infection of the archived files.
  • A system crash or an improper termination while compressing or decompressing files can also result in a Checksum error.

Repair WinRAR files using Remo Repair RAR

Irrespective of the reason for CRC error, you can repair your WinRAR files using a reliable tool Remo Repair RAR. The software can fix WinRAR checksum error in the encrypted file without affecting your source file. It copies all the contents from your corrupted WinRAR file and creates a healthy archive. It is, therefore, safe to use.

Remo Repair RAR can repair password protected RAR archives as well. If you ever get the message WinRAR file access denied, do not worry. Remo Repair RAR tool has a workaround for this problem as well.

Remo Repair RAR can perform repair on large RAR files of 4 GB or more as well. The user interface is pretty simple. Just install the software, select your corrupted WinRAR archive and start the repair process.