Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool

People may come across situations like unintentional formatting of their hard disks resulting in huge data loss. Generally, data experts will advise to always keep back up for your vital data so that you will have something to roll on whenever unexpected data crisis occur. But never worry even if you don’t have backup of your files because there are many proficient hard drive data recovery software Mac in the market like Remo Recover which will restore all your lost data in no time from Macintosh.

Sometimes human beings also contribute to data loss scenarios such as unintentionally deleting one or more files while removing the unwanted ones. No matter which Mac machine you own, data loss scenarios are very common. But never worry even if you don’t have backup of your lost data on Mac OS X.

Common scenarios for data loss from Mac hard drive

  • Virus infection: Of course, Mac systems are highly secured but there are chances that your Macintosh will be prone to virus attack like phishing attacks, Trojan horses and some online frauds. Using best Anti-virus software will help you to detect malicious programs and delete them.

  • Unintended deletion of files: As said earlier sometimes human mistakes like unintentional data deletion occurs, which in turn causes loss of your vital data.

  • Improper shutdown: Certain times people will be in hurry and they shut down their Mac computer improperly that may result in data loss.

  • Abrupt power failure: If you don’t have power back up for your Macintosh system and if a power failure occurs suddenly while using your Mac system often leads to loss of data.

  • Removal of USB: People will use external storage devices data like memory cards, SD cards, pen drives etc. to transfer their data from computer to external device or vice versa using CTRL+C and CTRL+V operations. Sudden removal of the device from computer while transferring data will cause data loss.

  • File system corruption: It is one of the major causes that results in data loss. Since file system plays a major role in managing the record of individual files that are saved in the hard disk. Corruption or failure of file system will result in data inaccessibility or data loss.

There are many data recovery software for Mac available in market to help you combat in above mentioned data loss situations. These tools are capable of recovering lost documents, pictures, movies, etc. from your Mac system. Remo Recover for Mac will be able to scan and recover lost data from your Mac OS X effortlessly.

Remo Recover data recovery Utility:

When you have erased files from your Mac, it is very important to stop using that Mac immediately. Because doing anything like performing write operations on your Mac could potentially overwrite the files which you want to get back.

Whether you have deleted files from Mac Trash or performed ‘Command+Shift+Option+Delete’ operation, the Remo Recover utility will easily undelete all those files. This wizard is built with powerful algorithm which makes possible of recovering even permanently deleted files.

Few features of Remo Recover:

  • Recovers all file types like .jpg, .png, .mp3, .mp4, .pdf, etc. from any HFS/HFS+ file system based hard drives.

  • Tuned for all Mac OS X versions like 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, etc.

  • Restores all deleted files with their original names.

  • Able to get back data from inaccessible, unmounted and non bootable drives.

  • Performs data recovery on hard disks, external hard disks, pen drive, iPod, etc.

  • Smart enough to recover entire Mac drive or only the files you need.

  • Generates the preview of recovered files.