What is processor in computer? Computer processor is commonly known as central processing unit (CPU). It is the electronic motherboard or circuitry within a PC that transfers out the commands […]

Windows Cortana is a smart way of digital personal assistant used to search data via voice and it was created by Microsoft Corporation for Windows Phone 8.1, iOS, Android, Windows […]

Microsoft SmartGlass is the perfect buddy/companion utility for your Xbox One and Xbox 360 which is compatible on latest editions of Windows devices that can be used both in your […]

Remo Repair MOV software is the most eminent MOV repair tool that offers excellent features in repairing unplayable videos on Windows computer. The application is designed with a very simple […]

People may come across situations like unintentional formatting of their hard disks resulting in huge data loss. Generally, data experts will advise to always keep back up for your vital […]

“I am using Sony Xperia mobile with 32 GB Transcend SD card inserted in it. Recently I am facing hang up issue with my phone that is annoying me a […]