Turn Windows WiFi Hotspot share Internet Connection

Description about Wi-Fi Hotspot: A hotspot defined as the physical location that allows Internet access via wireless local area network (WLAN) with the help of router associated to a link and then an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Hotspots are classically consists of Wi-Fi technology and the Wi-Fi Hotspots are found in various public places such as coffee shops, shopping malls, restaurants, and many more. A hotspot is distinguished from a WAP that is Wireless Access Point, which is the kind of modem or hardware device that allows to use wireless network service.

Most of the people got an Internet connection through network cable, but many of us like to have other gadgets and computers wireless Internet connections wirelessly. So, there is a question that can we run Windows computer as Wi Fi router? The answer for this question is yes we can use Windows computer as router. The crucial factors for this process is first make sure that your Windows PC has a wireless NIC card and if it is installed correctly, then you use Windows system as Wi-Fi by turning on Windows PC into a WiFi hotspot and then use Internet connection.

How does Wi-FI Hotspot Work?

Most of the Wi-Fi network cards for Personal Computers can be possible to share connection oriented Internet connections and connectionless (wirelessly). Wi-Fi hotspot need few software and some configuration in order to use the effective capability. Basically, the program or configuration that will act as the ‘virtual router’ in order to permit your Windows computer to work on Internet connection. There are many ways to connect Windows computer as Wi-Fi Hotspot as follow

Ad-Hoc Wireless Connection through Windows Menus:

Ad-hoc is a Latin word that means ‘for this’. It is defined as the label somewhat that is created for specific purpose only. Frequently, it is rather of a minimal setup, support or planning and there are two method to create the ad-hoc wireless network in Windows computer they are one is via graphical menus, and the second one is via the command line interface. Let’s know about the graphical menus. In the first section you need to click on Windows “Start Menu” and then go to “Control Panel” under that select “Network and Sharing Center” and then you can see the network information and setup connections.

Next, select “Set up a new connection or network” option in the new window scroll down and you will find Setup a wireless ad hoc network just make a tick or highlight it by selecting on it and finally click on OK button.