What is Microsoft Silverlight for Mac?

Silverlight is the framework application for running or writing and extracting rich internet applications same as Adobe Flash. An add-on or plugin service for Silverlight is offered for multiple web browsers and the previous editions of Microsoft Silverlight is mainly focused on streaming videos whereas the present versions allows animations, multimedia, and graphics. Silverlight is also consists of two application development stages for Windows Phone, though you can’t run web pages that can use Silverlight on the Windows Mobile editions or Windows Phone of Internet Explorer, because it won’t contain any plugins for Silverlight.

Is MS Silverlight will become a multimedia app in order to enjoy your favorite websites? No, in fact, if you are using Google Chrome web browser then it allows Silverlight as in built app. It was started in the year January 2015, and all the improvements are ending in April 2015.

Silverlight for Mac machines:

Silverlight is the competitor for Adobe Flash, which however rests the usual web standard for web multimedia utilities. As same as Adobe Flash, Silverlight also take part in videos, animations, and interactivity into web pages. The web developers for Silverlight can make the things that would be impossible on plain HTML as the language web pages. Hence, if like to see the content of the Adobe Flash player planned then you have to install it in your PC or laptop. And install MS Silverlight in order to view content that was implemented in Silverlight on your PC.

Silverlight development has formally been deferred by Microsoft, while bug fixes and security patches for this may be extended for the next couple of years. So, MS has forced to begin Netflix and beholding for an alternative that is HTML5 for future streaming media developments. Assume, that if you are using the recent and updated web browser then you don’t need to bother the transition because user no need to have any add-ons or plug-ins such as MS Silverlight or Flash in order to view HTML5 media. Suppose, if you are still having the Internet Explorer 5 or Firefox 3 then it’s difficult to run or launch Netflix app.

But you can try by uninstalling the Adobe Flash from the PC or computer and then you can find the missing content on your many websites like “YouTube”. Nonetheless, uninstall Silverlight also and you can come to know the difference between Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight.