What’s the difference between iCloud Backup and iCloud Drive?

Most of the iPhone or iPad users usually synchronize their iOS devices to their computer or PCs. But with the release of 2011 Apple’s iCloud service no more syncing problem as iCloud backs up whatever you want or everything at an ease. After few months Apple introduced iCloud Drive which is a service that provide huge storage space to store your data efficiently.

iCloud vs iCloud Drive

The new Apple service iCloud Drive is a replacement for iCloud Backup or an extension or behave totally as a separate entity? Does it extend your storage space if you upgrade your storage plan? If you are pretty confused by the distinction between iCloud and iCloud Drive then take a look to have a clear idea about this services.

What is iCloud?

iCloud is nothing but similar to Drop box which is used for online file storage which can be synchronized between different devices. Managing devices on iCloud account can also be done in same way as that of on iOS device.

What is iCloud Drive?

Apple’s service iCloud Drive in it’s simplest term is Apple’s version of Dropbox. This cloud service is document oriented file storage service that has the ability to keep your information in sync among different kinds of devices like computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone and many more. In iCloud Drive you can not access or organize your data collected from your cell phones instead you have to use specific applications such as photos, pages, etc.

Which is the best iDevice backup option to select?

Both iCloud and iCloud Drive are best but depending on your requirement and feasibility choose the appropriate cloud service. Those who like to sync iCloud is the best choice as it takes only few minutes to plug your iOS device and perform backup. This is more hassle that backed up everything including your precious photos, songs, messages, etc. It’s a very fastest service that restore everything in justĀ mere seconds, still if you are not sure which to select? Apple explains completely about this services to assist you to make correct decision.